The Commission Process


The process of creating this big painting is both typical and unique, fun for me and I think fun for the collector as well. It started when my collector saw some of my work at a local show. One in particular caught his eye. We discussed the painting, the story behind the image, how I painted it and things like that. 

He mentioned that he had been looking for a large painting for a particular spot in his home. We discussed the size, price and delivery parameters, in general. He and his wife decided to purchase the painting they were looking at, and because it was large, I agreed to deliver it to his home. (Lucky for me he lives pretty close)

While delivering the painting, we looked at the space he had in mind for the new commission, and we looked through many of his favorite vacation photos. Lucky for me he is a wonderful photographer.

We agreed on the best size to fit the space and that he and his wife would spend more time selecting the right image.

Later I received an email with 4 images attached, with a request to select the one that spoke to me and I felt would best serve our purpose. I selected 2 images with the intention of doing smaller studies to see which worked best.

When the smaller studies were well along, I invited my client to stop by the studio and help with the final decision and offer any guidance or suggestions he may have had.

We agreed on the final selection, together we made a couple of composition decisions, and at this point a deposit was made and the project is officially started.