Startled, Not Cowed

It's been a few decades back that my family acquired a piece of the high desert. Just south of Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah, it's a part of a working ranch, of some 8000 acres. We used to joke that it's 'Not on the Way" - doesn't really matter where you are coming from or headed to. 40 miles of mostly dirt roads gets you there, and it has to be intentional. No internet, no cell service. It's a working ranch, much akin to the old west, with just a few modern amenities. We have spent summers escaping modern life, exploring trails, dirt roads and wide open spaces. On the day in question, we had stopped to explore an old cabin, when this lonely cow poked here head around the corner. She wasn't aggressive, but she certainly wasn't backing away either! I thought the look in her eye was just so intriguing that I had to snap a few pictures,which have become the reference photos to several paintings. Those crazy eyes and her attitude just keep inspiring me.